Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sleep-Talking with Alan

It's 2:00 AM and my husband is leaving the bed. No more warm body! Me:Whir ya goin? He: Just downstairs to listen to the radio--can't sleep. Sorry I woke you. Me: Das OK, havin a ba dream anyway. You and me were in a Circus performing(yawn). We were shinging. We were baaaaad. (turning over) Who sings in a Circus, anyway? He: Well, I'm glad I woke you then. Me: Yeah. Is Chip on thish time a morning? If so I am jealoush. He: No, he's not... Say mesothelioma. Me: Meshopeethleemoma. Wha? Why?
He:(chuckling) Just wanted to see what it would sound like when you're sleepy ( exit stage right).
(Sorry for shortie blog today--too tired to write due to lack of sleep)

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