Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wierd Things People Do In Their Cars

"That lady's yawn is as big as her windsheild" my husband said, pointing. We were driving on Hwy 1, people watching as we drove. Have you ever noticed the wierd things people do in their cars? When they think NO ONE is watching? They yawn. Pick their noses. They sing. When you see someone singing in the car, you just see their lips moving. No sound. It's like...reverse lip sych. I really like the people who are dancing to their car stereos. I usually try to dance with them at stop lights. They don't like that very much.

Business people often use cars as mini-offices. You've see them. They're in their cars, exitedly talking to themselves about important business matters. Yes, of course they have blue teeth ( or tooths) but , they LOOK like they're talking to themselves. Hey, maybe some of them really are talking to themselves? People eat large sandwiches with mustard and HUGE Monster Burritos in their cars. This is messy and looks really bad. Children are born in cars. This is messy and looks pretty bad too.

Many people get dressed in their cars... One day I tried this. I was on my way to lead a meeting at Santa Cruz Bible Church and had to pick up pantyhose at the store on the way. There I was in the drivers seat putting on stockings at a the Morrissy stoplight left turn lane. You kinda have to brace your feet against the windshield at some point. Either that or do a jacknife in the seat with your face in the steering wheel. I did the latter, putting the footie parts on my feet then pulling up. I then realized that there was an older lady peering at me from the car to my right . She looked exactly like Miss Marple on PBS. Now, in my experience, I have found many seniors think other folks are having heart attacks if they see them in physical distress. And this senior looked like she was going to come over and give me CPR! Turning a glowing red, I smiled at her, and stepped on the gas pedal. Thank the Lord the light had changed! I got to my destination looking fresh as a daisy. But then, I am just one more person who has done wierd things in my car!

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