Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seattle Grilled Salmon

Category: Fish
Difficulty Rating: Easy

If you ever go to Seattle, visit Pike's Place Fish Market. It's FUN! The guys there yell a lot of crazy things and throw huge fish around like they're baseballs. They also have wonderful seafood salads and sides and great smoked salmon. There's something they have called " Salmon Candy" which sounds awful, but is really a sweet smoked salmon. Since Seattle is so far away--I found an alternative that's really good and reminds me of Pike's Place. It's not as sweet at "Salmon Candy" but it has a wonderful combination of smoked paprika and honey that make for a similar taste. My hubby gave it a big thumbs up! Common Sense Tip: get a large quantity of Wild Salmon fresh in season at Costco or another Big Box store and wrap what you don't use right away in portion-size pieces. Wrap  first in plastic then in foil and freeze. Recipe Yield: enough for 2 very small fillets or salmon slices.


1 T thyme (fresh)
1 clove garlic (crushed)
1 T dk. brown sugar or Palm sugar
1 T honey
5 t smoked paprika
sea salt to taste
pepperto taste

Combine all these together in a small bowl with a fork. Really mash it. Then, slather it on top of your salmon fillets after they have been patted dry.  Grill on the side without glaze. Put a piece of foil on the grill and flip  salmon over on the glazed side to finish cooking. Take the skin off the salmon when it is light and flakey, yet still moist. Transfer it to a plate with lots of oven-roasted potatoes and enjoy!

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