Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stuff I Have In My Freezer...

Common Sense dictates that we are resourceful with what we have. Waste is out, saving money is always in. So I use my freezer a lot! No...I don't have a huge freezer in my garage. But I do use my regular-sized refrigerator freezer it for a lot more than ice. Here are some examples...
  1. Frozen ice trays of Meyer lemon juice (because it goes our of season so fast).
  2. Freeze egg whites individually in ice trays or mini-containers for future smoothies or meringues. One white per container. Take out the "egg-white cube"and refrigerate in a cup to defrost overnight. Use the same way you would use non-frozen whites.
  3. Meat from Costco--divided individually in plastic freezer bags in family meal-sized or individual portions.
  4. Put chicken breasts from Costco in individually plastic- wrapped servings in freezer bags.
  5. Frozen Shrimp (I rarely pay for fresh--good quality frozen is fine and dandy)
  6. Large quantities of salted and unsalted butter from a BBS.
  7. Casseroles--in meal-sized servings (I use plastic containers or individual casseroles for this)
  8. Nuts--they keep forever when frozen--just use the bags they came in and seal the top securely
  9. Dried fruit (who really uses dried fruit that often?--freeze the leftovers after Christmas is over)
  10. Breads of all kinds (especially French bread)--I cut it up and put it in bags so I don't have to defrost a whole loaf for a dinner for two. Freeze gluten free and French breads right away after you get them home from the store--they go stale very quickly.
  11. Sauces: Pesto sauce...Marinara...Chocolate sauce...Make 'em fresh and freeze 'em.
  12. Bundt cakes and unfrosted cake layers--this is a great way to prepare desserts way ahead! Wrap them very very well in plastic then in foil! If you have a small family--wrap individual servings in plastic and place in a freezer bag before freezing.
  13. Turkey (buy a frozen one for an extra low price at Christmas or Thanksgiving and eat it in February)
  14. Vegetable and fruit pies--preferably uncooked. Wrap in plastic then foil.
  15. Apples --if you buy a huge tray at Costco--and can't eat them all--peel and slice apples first, then load in freezer bags for when you have time to make apple pie or applesauce!
  16. Soups--oh gosh this is the best use of a freezer of all! To avoid using an ice-pick and stabbing freeze soup in meal-sized portions in plastic freezer containers.
  17. Berries... these freeze well in plastic freezer bags--but don't look as good as fresh when defrosted. Use them for pies or cobblers...fruit sauces or smoothies. Not for salads or strawberry shortcake.
  18.  Pasta--a friend of mine always has Spaghetti Bolognese always at the ready in her freezer. Lasagna and Ravioli works well too! Freeze any pasta with a good thick red sauce. My friend uses plastic freezer bags--I use freezer containers because I like to stack 'em.
  19. Grated Parmesan cheese--not the best thing for the cheese--but it does work if you have too much to use.
  20. Salmon--or whatever else Uncle Si catches for you. Prepare and freeze individual portions in plastic wrap AND foil.
  21. Cookie or Pie dough--fabulous! Drop cookie dough is frozen best in balls. Pie dough should be in a large"round scone" type disc ready to roll out when thawed. Wrap well in plastic and foil against "freezer taste". 
  22. Bacon bits or cooked bacon. Whenever I make bacon I make the whole package. If we don't eat it I freeze it to add to scrambled eggs or braised vegetables later. I also save the "Hormel" or "Kirkland" already prepared real bacon bits in the freezer instead of the fridge. It just makes sense.
  23. Chicken or Turkey stock--whenever I buy a rotiserie chicken I use the carcass to make stock. Freeze it for later use in soups and sauces or what -have- you. I use 2-C sized freezer containers. 
  24. Crepes--yes French Pancakes. They freeze well for a week or so. I have a great hi-protein recipe for-a them in my blog. See "Trader Vic's Crepes" on "Being Stack them with parchment or waxed paper in between each crepe. Put in a freezer-proof bag or container. To thaw-- unstack and leave them on the counter for 20 minutes.  Heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds and fill with jam or other fillings. Nom-nom! 
  25. Ice--we have an over-achiever ice-maker. It is "The Little Ice-Maker That Could". I don't know why, but it always makes so much ice that it makes it impossible for anyone but my hubby to pull the ice-drawer out. So when we have large parties--we just keep bagging ice for a few days instead of buying it.

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