Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knife and Fork Salad

Category: Fruits and Vegies
Difficulty Rating: Easy-Medium (because of sectioning grapefruit)

Have you noticed I favor green salads with fruit? That's because most people are a bit tired of vegetable salads--unless you have a lot of interesting and expensive ingredients in them . And since I am always working with a budget--greens are an inexpensive way to extend a fruit salad. Not too mention the fact when you introduce lettuce to a fruit salad it saves one a whole lot of chopping and peeling!

This salad pairs well with ham or any other semi-sweet main course. The grapefruit and avocado are refreshing, and the curry dressing is a perfect. ... This was from a 1970's issue of Sunset Magazine.


1/2 C salad oil
1/4 C Dijon mustard
3 T honey ( I put in less)
3 T lemon juice
1 t celery salt
1/4 t dry mustard
1/4 t curry powder
1 1/4 C mayonnaise
3 heads red leaf or butter lettuce
4 lg. ruby or pink grapefruit
2 lg. ripe avocados

In a bowl, mix oil, Dijon, lemon juice, celery salt, dry mustard, and curry powder.Whisk in mayonnaise. Makes 2 C.

Tear lettuce leaves in bunches off of the lettuce heads. Rinse gently, drain and dry in a salad spinner, or wrap in towels to dry and put in refrigerator. Chill at least 30 minutes or overnight.

On a large platter or 12 salad plates, arrange lettuce in clumps the size of a small hand. Cut, and section grapefruit (see Google:" How to Section Grapefruit"). Place 1 /12 of the grapefruit and avocadoes on top of a bed of lettuce leaves on each plate--or arrange all of the avocado and grapefruit artistically on top of lettuce on a platter. Drizzle 2 T of the dressing on the salad. Pass remainder after serving.

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