Monday, September 12, 2011

Trader Vic's Crepes

Catagory: Breads and Brunch
Difficulty: Medium
Not Healthy but does have protein!

My grandmother (Ga-Ga or Gladys) used to make these miraculous French pancakes for us
when we stayed over at her house. I remember her poised over the stove, the smell of sizzling butter filling the breakfast room. She'd put her home-made jam in the middle of the crepe while it was still in the pan. Then, she'd roll them up on the plate. A couple of practiced shakes of the powdered sugar box later, they were done. With the sun shining through bay window, the beautiful china plates and the smell of hot coffee... breakfast was a new revelation indeed. It wasn't just breakfast, it was a celebration!

This is a very easy crepe recipe based on one from "Trader Vic's Helluva Man's Cookbook". Trader Victor Bergeron was VERY French and his mother made them for him also. The eggs make them full of protein--but they don't taste eggy at all. They are almost as quick and easy as making scrambled eggs--a perfect alternative for those of us that want something sweet for breakfast, but need protein too. You can fill them with anything: sausages and apple slices baked previously with butter, cinnamon/sugar, crab with mornay sauce, chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce, scrambled eggs with swiss cheese and pieces of bacon, or fresh strawberries mixed with a little sugar and topped with whupped cream. All good. You can try other fillings--get creative! Don't be afraid, give em a try! Oh, and you don't need a crepe pan--but it does make them come out a uniform size.


3 eggs
6 T flour (This is for those who are watching carbs, I use 2/3 cup flour--mo bettah.)
3/8 t salt
1 C milk
Your favorite jam or jelly

Directions: Beat eggs slightly. Add flour, salt, and beat until smooth. Gradually add milk, beating until batter is smooth once again. If possible, cover and chill for 1 hour; then stir before using (I never do this). Heat butter ( about 1/2 t for each crepe) over medium heat in a 7-8 inch crepe pan. (You can use a regular frying pan in a pinch--Mom did!) Pour in about 3 T batter; quickly tilt and rotate pan so batter covers bottom. When lightly brown on bottom, turn and lightly brown on second side. Slip onto a plate or a clean towel. Fill with jam or filling. Roll and either serve immediately while still hot. If you refrigerate filled crepes before serving, heat them at 250 degrees until just warm, not hot. Crepes are wonderful to freeze or refrigerate before using. Simply make them all at once, and as each one is done, place it on a paper plate until cool. Then, layer the paper plates with the crepes and put in a plastic bag to refrigerate or freeze. As they have eggs, I wouldn't freeze them more than a week. Refrigerate about 24 hours at most, or they start getting rubbery.

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