Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Organic Salad...

Catagory: Fruits and Vegetables
Difficulty: Easy
Very Healthy

We are so blessed to be in California. Home of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. When we visited Iowa in winter a few years ago, our daughter Lauren started going into "Fresh Vegetable Withdrawal Syndrome".  It is marked by a certain panting noise as the infected person scrambles to find a green bell pepper at a nearby Target to eat whole. Which is what she did.

This salad is one fresh example of California's riches Part of it's appeal is that it's was so darn pretty! The other secret was that it's ingredients are fresh and organic.  Really... I know it's expensive... but it just makes sense to buy pesticide-free. For one thing...they do taste better. And I mean...why would you want to put things in your body that have had bug spray on them or in them? Yucky!


mixed organic lettuces (at least 15 oz.)
4 avocados
8 small vine-ripened tomatoes cut in quarters
2 washed and sliced English cucumbers
Feta cheese ( 6 oz. --crumbled)
red bell peppers (siced very thin)


Wash...dry and crisp lettuces if they aren't pre-washed. Put in a large bowl or pile on a platter. Arrange on top the tomato quarters...the sliced cucumbers ...the red bell peppers...the avocadoes and sprinkle with crumbled Feta. Toss right before serving on individual plates or putting on the buffet table. Have dressing available in small bowls with spoons or in cruets:

Tahini Bottled dressing (in the refrigerated section of New Leaf)
Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil  (just whisk together equal parts with a pinch of salt and drizzle over the salad after it's on the plate).

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