Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rainy Day Pot Roast with Marinara

Category: Main Dish
Very Easy
Healthy but it IS beef y'all--plan for high fat content

This is a recipe my mom made that you can make with or without a  slow-cooker. It is a very comforting meal. Perfect for those long winter days when you come in from the cold all red-cheeked and exhausted!


1 3-lb. loin beef pot roast (don't get a fatty one!)
2 T olive oil
1 16 oz. bottle good marinara sauce (homemade or whatever brand is your favorite--but thicker is better)
1 medium-sized onion--sliced
2/3 C red wine (Cabernet,Pinot Noir,Burgundy...or Chianti?)
1/2 C water (only if you don't use a slow-cooker)
1 C carrots (sliced into 1" thick slices) or a bag of peeled "baby" carrots
6 or 7 small boiling potatoes (russets?) well-scrubbed or larger potatoes (peeled and quartered)
Note: If you use a sugar-free spaghetti sauce you may want to add 2 T coconut palm sugar to it to cut the acidity a bit. Or...not,depending on your taste.

Directions For The Oven:

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Sear both sides of beef loin with olive oil in a skillet on medium heat  Place beef in a large greased baking dish (9X13 is fine). Slice onion over it,throw in carrots and pour spaghetti sauce over all. Splash on wine and 1/2 C water over the top. Bake uncovered for an hour and a half,or until beef shreds easily when poked with a fork. Serve in bowls or ramikens with crusty bread and a salad on the side. Mmmmmm....

Directions For The Slow Cooker:

Sear both sides of beef loin in a skillet with olive oil on medium heat. Sautee sliced onion in same skillet until limp.  Place beef and onions  in slow cooker. Throw in sliced carrots and patooties. Pour spaghetti sauce and wine (with NO water) over all. Cook in slow cooker all day or as many hours as you can on HIGH heat until beefs shreds easily when poked with a fork.

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