Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Carmelized Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Category: Vegetables
Difficulty Rating: Very Easy
Very Healthy

This is all the rage in 2014. For those of us who like Brussels Sprouts anyway it's heaven to make this version that CARMELIZES them. Wolfgang Puck puts a little brown sugar in the saute pan to help carmelize the sprouts without burning them. I prefer them without sugar. And I actually LIKE them a bit burned. But then...I am a little weird...


4 lbs. Brussels sprouts--washed and trimmed and sliced in half
4 slices uncured Bacon--diced
Juice of 1 lemon
1 t sea salt (or any salt is fine)
1/4 t black pepper
3 T olive oil
Optional: 2 T Palm sugar or brown sugar


Instead of baking sprouts--fry bacon pieces ahead of time in a large (12") sautee pan or  a 4 qt. soup pot until almost crisp. Meanwhile toss Brussels sprouts in a large bowl with lemon salt pepper and oil.  After it's done--set bacon aside on a paper towel to drain. Wipe out pan or pot with a paper towel to remove any small bacon pieces that will burn.  Then dump the lemon and oil covered sprouts into the pan and saute until browned on at least one side. You will most likely have to do this in two batches unless your pans are VERY large.  Try to have only one layer of sprouts on the bottom of the pan instead of stacking them on top of each other. Optional: throw in  Palm sugar at this point if you want them a little sweet. After browning (they should be al dente--still a bit crunchy)--return all sprouts to the same pan and toss in bacon. Serve warm!

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